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Is it easy to be socially responsible and to do the right thing? Yes.

Is it easy to write this post? No.

We at HFS find it absolutely imperative that we do our part to help flatten the curve immediately. Our little shop will be closing its doors for the time being at 12pm on March 17.

Up until now, we have been working around the clock to help our distressed clients wrap up their shoots, disinfect and store their gear, and generally just give a shoulder to cry on (from a few feet away of course :)).

These are tough times but not just for us--we are all in it together! We must take this time to check on the ones we love, our elderly neighbours, our worried friends and anyone else who may need us at this time.

We have to also take the time to acknowledge the people who really do make the world a better place. A HUGE thank you to all the medical industry and support personnel, police, fire departments, truck drivers, postal workers, factory workers, grocers, etc. and anybody else who cannot just stay at home and wait this out. The list is endless. These are the real heroes right now and we are so grateful for them!

That said, if you or someone you know (especially the elderly and people with disabilities) need some of the more essential/hygienic products we do carry in our store such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soaps or gloves, please email us at hfs@hamiltonfilmstudios.com to see if we can help. All deliveries will be FREE and sanitized to do what we can do to help our neighbours in need. We want to help where and how we can.

In the meantime, please keep watching those movies and TV shows, because when we do inevitably come back, we're going to make soooo many new good ones!

This too shall pass.


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